Restorative Truckmount Real steam carpet cleaning

Professional Carpet & Rug Cleaning Services

Carpet makers recommend professional cleaning every 12 to 24 months. If you have kids or pets, cleaning may need to be done every 6 to 12 months.

How you will get the cleanest carpet:

1. Your carpet is vacuumed with a high powered vacuum to remove dry soil.
2. Edges are vacuumed to remove dust.
3. Your carpet is pre-sprayed with a neutral ph., all natural cleaning agent.
4. 12 specialty spotters are used by certified techs to remove stains.
5. Next, your carpet is gently agitated and rinsed with over 150-degree water.
6. Extra drying strokes are used to remove nearly all of the water used in the process to leave your carpet dry within 4 to 6 hours.

Affordable Restorative Carpet Cleaning has the top reputation in the area. We are known for delivering a truly professional cleaning experience. You will get 100% guarantee, “if you are not happy it is FREE.”
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3 Quick Do-it-Yourself Spot Removal Tips

1. Use a Wet Vac to remove as much of the liquid and soil as possible. A wet vac will pull the soil up instead of press It down into the backing of your carpet.

2. After you remove the soil, treat the spot with a quality spot cleaner and gently wipe the spot with a damp towel.

3. If the spot remains, treat it again and pour a glass of water on the area to rinse. Extract the water with the wet vac.

Pre-test Instructions

Pre-test by applying the spot treatment to an inconspicuous area. Gently agitate the tested area with a white cloth. If bleeding or shrinkage occurs, do not continue.

A small wet vac is more effective for removing spills than towels.

Most Spots: use the spot remover we leave you and follow directions above. Avoid high residue spotters like Resolve.

Grease or oils: For greasy spots, apply rubbing alcohol to a cloth and gently dab the spot. Never pour it directly on your carpet.

Wax: Melt the wax onto a paper bag with a steam iron. Place the paper bag over the wax. Do not allow the iron to directly touch the carpet.

Disclaimer: Use the techniques in this brochure at your own risk. If you feel unsure about removing the stain, call a professional right away to prevent damage.


Steam carpet cleaning has proved as the best and effective carpet cleaning and called as deep cleaning. This method is consider as the topmost efficient way of cleaning because it cleans 95% of the dust from the carpet. It has stated that it is the only way to clean deep tough stains on the lower layer of the carpet to clean it properly.